Marco Bianco


Born and raised in Italy, Marco commits his life to the wisdom of yoga, spreading it to people around the world. He first encountered Eastern philosophy in the mid-80s and since then, through his rich life experience, he had the opportunity to meet and work with many great teachers of different traditions.


Petra Bianco


Petra grew up in a yogic environment in Zagreb as her parents were practicing and teaching Yoga back in eighties. They are her great inspiration and her first yoga teachers. In 2001, when she was working worldwide as a successful professional model, yoga became her daily practice.


Irena Gracin


The path of yoga brought me back to my true nature. For me yoga is love, passion, intensity of colors, tastes, perfumes, life. My first encounter with yoga, was instant attraction, recognition, respect and gratitude, after that everything was a natural stream and it continues to flow. Personal transformation, life changes, personal growth, yoga took me apart on all levels, put me back together and simply makes me a better and more complete person.


Natasha Adrastea


My interest in yoga and the loftier dimensions of our existence began at an early age. I experimented with many paths until I met my first teacher, Marco. In studying with Marco and Petra Bianco I realized that I had found my dharmic path. I began studying with other eminent teachers such as yogic scholar Eddie Stern and other masters I continue to meet and draw from along the path. In addition to my 600 hours of teacher training through Pink Elephant I have completed advanced teacher training in yoga nidra and pranayama. 


Čejen Černić


Čejen Černić, a film and TV director by profession, has been involved in sports and physical activity since she was a child, and she resisted yoga for a long time, thinking that it was some kind of stretching and boring breathing for older ladies.