Natasha Adrastea


My interest in yoga and the loftier dimensions of our existence began at an early age. I experimented with many paths until I met my first teacher, Marco. In studying with Marco and Petra Bianco I realized that I had found my dharmic path. I began studying with other eminent teachers such as yogic scholar Eddie Stern and other masters I continue to meet and draw from along the path. In addition to my 600 hours of teacher training through Pink Elephant I have completed advanced teacher training in yoga nidra and pranayama. 

Marco and Petra have been instrumental in helping me to establish a strong foundation. I continue to build upon this foundation by pursuing yogic studies, including philosophy, mantra, traditional tantra mainly with my primary teacher, Eddie Stern. Studying and teaching over the years have led me to cultivate a solid daily yoga sadhana. Whether teaching or studying I strive to contribute to an uplifting, supportive vibe for the benefit of all beings. I hope to share this with you.



Brahman becomes blissful through practice

(Brahma Sutra I.1.12)